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The Chicago Cubs…Hoping For A World Series Win

Since 1870, the legendary Chicago Cubs have been playing professional baseball. One of the only two remaining charter teams of the National League, the Cubs share their hometown with the Chicago Whitesox.

They hold the record for the longest run without a World Series win, with 102 seasons of losses. Their two World Series wins occurred in 1907 and 1908. Since then, they have won seven of their 16 National League pennants, three Central Division Titles, two East Division Titles, and one Wild Card Berth. They have made it to the World Series seven times in that period, but lost each time, the last one being in 1945.

During the 1945 series, one spectator, Billy Sianis, purchased two box seats, one for himself and one for his goat. The goat was not admitted to the game on the grounds that animals were not allowed inside. Sianis was heard to proclaim as he was leaving that the Cubs would never win another World Series. They lost three of the next four games, causing them to lose the Series that year and they have not been back since.

There have of course been several attempts to lift the “Curse of the Billy Goat” with the Cubs, even inviting Sianis’ nephew to bring a billy goat into the stadium for several games. The curse is the last in professional baseball to remain unbroken.

Often referred to as the “Northsiders,” the “Cubbies” and the “Boys in Blue” the Cubs were originally known as the White Stockings, not changing their name until the early 1900’s. Their entire career has been in Chicago.

Despite their long time with no World Series appearance, Cubs fans are still devoted to the team. They show up, game after game, year after year, hoping to be able to say that they were there when the curse was lifted. For some fans, Cubs baseball is more than being a fan. It is a “way of life.”

Home of the Chicago Cubs is Wrigley Field. One of the oldest stadiums in the league, Wrigley was built in 1914 and has been the team’s home since 1916. The area around the park is well known to fans as “Wrigleyville” and is full of bars, restaurants, and other types of businesses to serve the fans and area residents.

Originally, there was only seating for 14,000 in the stadium, but in the years since the capacity has been expanded to 41,160 seats, making it more competitive with other venues. It was the sight of many memorable moments in baseball including Babe Ruth’s famous “called shot.” The originally hand-turned scoreboard is still intact and in use. No ball has ever hit the scoreboard, although a few have come close.

Through thick and thin, the Chicago Cubs have bravely marched on. No matter how their season goes, the only team in the league that has not won a Series in the last 100 years begins every new year with hope and a plan. Their fans love and support them no matter what, and a game at Wrigley Field is a game that will never be forgotten.

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